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* The blue whale is a marine mammal. It is the largest animal ever known to exist, and can live up to 100 years.

Trusted Partner

We build and nurture trust since the birth of every partnership, therefore short-term gain takes second place to long-term reputation.

Loyal Affiliate

Being a huge but steady character, we aim for a long term relationship with our staff and workers, as well as our clients and joint venture partners.

Thoughtful Companion

Just like mammals nurse their infants, we are committed to care for our customers and partners while growing a strong bond with them.

It's not the size that determines the length of our life span.
It is our inner capacity that forces us to grow, survive and expand.

Who We Are

SANTINI GROUP is a renewed incarnation of Gemala Group, an established holding company that successfully brought together the management skills of a remarkable Indonesian family.

Named for Sofjan Wanandi and his wife Riantini Sutedja, Santini Group's business spans industries, including automotive parts, infrastructure, natural resources, property development, and services.

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