Vision & Mission


Santini Group aims to become a multinational company that significantly contributes to the development of our Indonesian people and country. We believe that the only way a business can truly grow and prosper is through its commitment to benefit and satisfy every component of its market and society.


We value our people as a vital force in running the business, therefore proper training and education are necessary to achieve a high standard of professionalism. With our partners, management, and human resources, we are a united force committed to achieving our vision within our field of professionalism under good corporate governance.

Trusted Partner »

We build and nurture trust from the birth of every partnership, therefore short-term gain takes second place to long-term reputation.


Trusted Partner

Loyal Affiliate »

We aim for a long term relationship with our staff and workers, as well as our clients and joint venture partners.


Loyal Affiliate

Thoughtful Companion »

Just as mammals nurse their infants, we are committed to caring for our customers and partners while developing a strong mutual bond.


Thoughtful Companion

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