Company History

FounderIt all started in 1974 when Sofjan entered a joint venture to establish Pakarti Yoga Group, a well-diversified group of industrial and trading companies.

Meanwhile, the other Wanandi brothers were making their marks in a variety of business and professional activities. In 1980, Sofjan led the members of the Wanandi family to enter the automotive component industry. With the establishment of PT Sapta Panji Manggala in 1984, Sofjan united his family in business, forming the Gemala Group. The group entered the pharmaceutical and chemical fields but remained essentially Indonesian in their scope until the youngest brother embraced an opportunity to expand internationally in 1987. From the acquisition of its first overseas company in 1988, Gemala Group has grown to become a global enterprise with a presence in four continents, in industries as diverse as automotive and property development.

By the time he became involved in KAMI in 1965, Sofjan was already dedicated to Indonesian politics and government. As the company continued to grow, the second generation of the family began to run their parent's business units. Eventually Sofjan and his children formed Santini Group in 1994. When he began to focus on his new role as chairman of DPUN (National Business Development Council), Sofjan passed the company's leadership to his sons.

Sofjan Wanandi currently holds the position as Chairman of APINDO (Indonesian Employers Association).

» 1974 - Sofjan Wanandi established the Pakarti Yoga group
- NYK Line of Japan —a joint venture with Yuasa Corp , Riken Corp and Aika Kogyo— began their manufacturing facilities in Indonesia
» 1980 - The Wanandi brothers entered the automotive component industry through PT Anugerah Daya Laksana
» 1983 - The Wanandi brothers began manufacturing chassis parts with Indonesia's first 2,000 ton mechanical press
» 1984 - The Wanandi family businesses were united through PT Sapta Panji Manggala
» 1987 - Gemala Group marked its establishment as a global battery network with the opening of a US$25 million plant in Jakarta
» 1988 - With Yuasa Corp of Japan, Gemala Group acquired Century Batteries in Australia, it's first acquisition of an overseas company
- Acquired Exide UK
» 1994

- Santini Group was formed

» 2000 - Sofjan Wanandi was assigned as the head of DPUN
- Sofjan Wanandi passed his leadership to his sons
- Sofjan Wanandi currently holds the position as Chairman of APINDO (Indonesian Employers Association)
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